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Trouble In Shangri-La 2001

TISL Credits

Thanks to Rusty Anderson, Rosanna Arquette, John Beug, Kim Brakeley, Danny Bramson, Gary Briggs, Nicholas Brown, Lindsey Buckingham, Mike Campbell, Lenny Castro, Matt Chamberlain, Vinnie Colaiuta, Phil Costello, Sheryl Scrow, Gary Ferguson, Steve Ferrone, Rich Fitzgerald, Sara Fleetwood, everyone at Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, Sylvain Grand, Macy Gray, everyone at HK Management, Julie Ismael, Rami Jaffe, Charles Judge, David Kahne, Margi Kent, John Kinney, Penny Lambery, Sheryl Louis, Brian MacLeod, Natalie Maines, Pierre Marchand, Sarah McLachlan, Brian Minato, Kellianne Murphy, Rick Nowels, Eilynn Palmer, John Pierce, Tim Pierce, Eric Polin, Roberto Ramos, Wayne Rodregues, Liz Rosenberg, Dan Rothchild, Meg Ryan, Brian Scheuble, Norman Seeff, John Shanks, Tim Smith, Ash Sood, Peter Stroud, Shari Sutcliffe, Benmont Tench, Rebecca Thyret, Jeff Trot, Mirna Trujillo, Waddy Wachtel, Stephen Walker, Patrick Warren, Randall Wixen, Jamie Young

Special thanks to Russ Thyret and Howie Klein for believing in me and giving me a new record dealin 1996 ~ and so much more.

Special thanks to Howard Kaufman for being my knight in shining armour ~ and so much more.

Special thanks to ALL at Warner Bros Records for making me feel safe ~ and so much more.

Special thanks to Mom and Dad for understanding the infrequency of my phone calls during the making of this record ~ as they have so many times before... I love you always.

Special thanks to Karen Johnston and Christopher Nicks for helping me form the concept of "Trouble In Paradise ~ or ~ Shangri-La" in '95... and to both of you ~ for recording the demos for this record ~ so lovingly, over the last five years ~

Special thanks to Karen Johnston, my assistant, from Lori, Sharon and Myself ~ for making our work as easy as possible ~ for keeping the "trouble" at bay ~ you are the "silent" 4th member of our band ~ Bless You~

Special thanks to Tom Petty for his inspirational lecture over dinner at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix, April 24th, 1995. I returned home and began writing these songs.

Special thanks to Lori Nicks and Sharon Celani for being the best "little band" a girl ever had, and for all the love they put into each one of these songs ~ I couldn't have done it without you...

Special thanks to Chris Lord-Alge for taking each song, from each producer, and making them into one entity ~ you are a master craftsman ~

Special thanks to Sheryl Crow for becoming much more than just a producer ~ you have become the little sister I always wanted ~ part of my family...

Special thanks to my pilates trainer, Sally Linden, for making me strong again

Special thanks to Bill Moss for transfering all our demos to 2" tape, as you have for just about every album I've ever done ~

Special thanks to Al Ortiz for arranging and playing guitar AND bass on all the demos since '95 in Phoenix, Oahu, Maui and L.A. ~ Bless you...

These songs are dedicated to~
the poets~
the priests of nothing...
and the legends.

Other credits

HK Management: Howard Kaufman/Sheryl Lous

All songs mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Image Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Assistant Engineers: Howard Willing, Matt Silva, Steve Kaplan, Chris Reynolds, Robert Breen, Jamie Sickora, and Justin Smith

Recorded at Vilage Recorder, Sunset Sound, Westlake Studios, Henson Recording, Extasy Recording Studio South, Mariposa Studio, Groove Masters, Redwing Studios, Signet Soundelux, Scream Studios, The Dog House and The Warehouse Studio

Production Coordinator: Shari Stutcliffe

Sheryl Crow appears courtesy of A&M Records

Macy Gray appears courtesy of Epic Records

Natalie Maines appears courtesy of Monument Records

Sarah McLachlan appears courtesy of Arista Records Inc.

Chris Lord-Alge represented by Lisa Marie/Erin Haley @ Moir/Marie Entertainment LLC

Photography: Neal Preston, Norman Seeff

Art Direction and Design: Stephen Walker

The "S" in Stevie's name was drawn by Sarah McLachlan

Photo Illustration: Vena

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