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Wild Heart 1983


Lead Vocals - Stevie Nicks
Ladies Vocals - Sharon Celani and Lori Perry

Produced by Jimmy Iovine
Engineered by Shelly Yakus
Mixed by Shelly Yakus and Greg Edwards
"I Will Run To You" produced by Tom Petty and Jimmy Iovine
"Wild Heart" and "Gate and Garden" produced by Jimmy Iovine and Gordon Perry
Additional engineering: Greg Edward
"Wild Heart" and "Gate and Garden" engineered by Tom "Gordo" Gondolf
Mixed at Rumbo Records
"Enchanted" and "Beauty and the Beast" mixed at The Hit Factory, N.Y.
"Gate and Garden" and "Wild Heart" mixed by Shelly Yakus, Greg Edward and Lori Perry
Assistant engineers: Michael Brooks, David Bianco, Bobby Cohen, Julian Stoll, Bill Freesh, David Dubow, Pete Kudas, John Smith, John Curcio, Josh Abbey
Mastered at Precision Lacquer by Stephen Marcussen
Stings on "Beauty and the Beast" arranged by Paul Buckmaster and Kenneth Whitfield conducted by Paul Buckmaster
OXB-A and DMX drum machine on "Stand Back" and "Nightbird" programmed by David Bluefield
Additional Background vocals on "If Anyone Falls" and "Beauty and the Beast" by Carolyn Brooks and on "Nightbird" by Sandy Stewart
Production Coordinator: Janet Weber
Personal Assistant to Stevie Nicks: Rebecca Alvarez
Security for Stevie Nicks: Dennis Dunstan
Photography, art direction, design: Herbert Wheeler Worthington III
Album cover concept: Herbert W. Worthington & Stephanie L. Nicks
Album cover inspiration: Sulamith Wülfing
Photographer's assistant: Robert Alfrod and Michael Marks
Stevie's haircut by Beverlee Vance
Hair design front cover: Jim Fisher of Rumors
Clothes by Margi Kent
Boots ("All Summer Long") by Mardiros Vartanian of Maia Custom Shoe Salon
Make-up front cover and small insert: Christi Thomason
Make-up back cover and large insert: Liza Edwards
Hands by Kathryn Greenbaum
Handtinting by Stevie Nicks and Lori Perry
Logo design by Mike Manoogian
Layout design by Miichael Curtis
Direction by Front Line Management

To Jimmy
"There is a reason why even
the angels don't give up at all..."
Thank-you for giving me my wings...

To Shelly
"I'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you...
You are the sound of my voice...

To Gordon
For twelve years of love
"Will the circle be unbroken..."
Thank you...

To Greg
For staying with us through the night...
Thank you...

Special thanks:
Kim Anderson
Ivring Azoff
Lindsey Buckingham
Jean Cocteau (for the film "Beauty and the Beast")
Bobby Cohen
Paul Cooper
Greg Edwards
Liza Edwards
Ahmet Ertegun (for the spaces in Sara)
Paul Fishkin
Mick Fleetwood
Art Garfunkel (for "All I Know" written by Jimmy Webb)
Danny Goldberg
Tom "Gordo" Gondolf
Curry Grant
Jeffrey Lyaght
Vicki McCarty
Christine McVie
John McVie
Doug Morris
Kellianne Murphy
Reen Nalli and all the folks at Atco and Atlantic
Mark Nathan
Barbara Nicks
Jess Nicks
Christopher Nicks
Keith Olsen
Wendy Olsen
George Patterson
Loren Patterson
Meg Patterson
Gordon Perry
Jane Petty (for the mirror)
Neal Preston
Irwin Rennert
Anthony "Ribby" Ribustello
Cindy Rosenthal
Harry Sandler
Larry Softers
Sandy Stewart
Linner Vasoll
Claude Venet
Shelly Yakus

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