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Rooms On Fire

Wild Heart Hand Tinted Photo

Stevie Singing

Crystal Heart

She had trusted many...

Stevie and the Dude

Stevie smiling at the Dude

Stevie and the Dude dancing

Stevie and a baby

Stevie and a baby part two

The Dude takes the baby and disappears, I think he dies?

It looks like she's burning up, like in agony. (After death of Dude?)

Stevie remebering the Dude

Stevie hand-tinting a photo of herself, yay! I tint photos too, go me!

Stevie and the baby

Stevie and the Dude's ghost in the Window

Stevie and her bed with a canopy.  I have a canopy like that, go me!

Stevie and Dude who I think is taking her to heaven to be with him?

Stevie and Dude, in heaven?

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