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Rumours DVD

Rumours Cover


Buckingham Nicks Album Innersleeve




What on EARTH is this, ATTACHED to my arm??!?!

'I'd like to thank Lindsey and Stevie and John and Mick and my parents and them and those people'...The Grammy Awards

Stevie Singing Rhiannon


Lindsey and John

Lindsey tranced under the headphones.

Map od Sausilito Area

Here's Mick, I really do love him, he just hadn't shown up yet...


Stevie Singing

Chris Singing

Oh silent one

Chris playing piano, I SO love her shirt!

Stevie, I think she's singing...

Chris and John, a moment when they were getting along well.

See, another hand-talker, take THAT Kristi, Richard does it too! [For those who don't know, I NEED my hands to get a sentance out...]

The Record Plant

Richard: The last time I saw you in this room was 25 years ago.
Stevie: Glad you made it. You too Ken!


Stevie Singing Dreams

Woah! Can't remember the words! - Actually she sings it perfectly.

Singing Dreams in 1977

Lindsey and his guitar, it looks like it's one whole unit, not two things.

Mick - I wonder, if I can get in a radio station in Detroit, I hear they have good doo-wop.

Lindsey and guitar

Stevie and Lindsey in concert

Stevie, laughing, during Rumours recording, wow...

Chris and Stevie

Linds, and the guitar... again...

The Don't Stop choral group




The gang with the White Album

Mick with his little kiddys, but I still don't think 'Oh Daddy' is about Mick...

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