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Ok, well, it's no huge secret that Stevie's had her fair share of famous boyfriends, right? She herself said her life has been scandelous enough to make Scarlet O'Hara pale. So then I realised, "Whoa, I've never seen a photo of so-and-so" or "Who on earth is he??" and so this is the place to become acquainted with the various men that Stevie has dated at one point or another. (Not all at one time!)

However, do heed this quote when you hear rumours...
"I'm really starting to get angry. I mean I'm having all these relationships with all these guys that I don't know, that maybe I've met once, that I don't want to know and there's nothing I can do about it. All of a sudden I'm picking up these papers and I'm the Siren of the North. I'm really a very quiet lady and I love being at home." -Stevie Nicks to Circus Weekly

Dave Young

Lindsey Buckingham

Mick Fleetwood

Walter Egan

Don Henley

J.D. Souther

Jimmy Iovine

Kim Anderson

Les Dudek

Joe Walsh

Paul Fishkin

Rupert Hine

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