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Mick Fleetwood

Mick and Stevie

Mick and Stevie dated for a while during the Tusk era of Fleetwood Mac. He is the "great dark wing" in Sara and he (along with the original 1946 French Film film) inspired "Beauty and the Beast".

Stevie says:
"And then I fell in love with Mick [Fleetwood]. And that went on for two years. Never in a million years could you have told me that would happen. That was the biggest surprise. Mick is definitely one of my great, great loves.
[How was that between Lindsey and Mick?] That was not good. That was not good for anybody else in the band. Everybody was so angry, because Mick was married. To a wonderful girl and he had two wonderful children, and I was horrified. I loved these people. I loved his family. So it couldn't have possibly worked out. And it didn't. It just couldn't."
Spin, October, 1997

"Mick & I, were absolutely horrified that this [love affair] happened. We didn't tell anybody until the very end, and then it blew up and was over. And, you know, Lindsey and I have never, never talked about Mick. Ever."
Rolling Stone, October, 1997

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