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Stevie Quotes

These are basically random quotes that I've found that I love. Enjoy.

"Lindsey and I were as close to married as I'll probably ever be. I took care of him, I cooked for him, I ironed his jeans, I embroidered stars and moons on them, I adored him, I took care of him."

"My songs are really just continuations of one another. I can sit down and play a medley of Dreams, Sara, Outside the Rain, How Still My Love, and Edge of Seventeen. They are all little pieces. I don't try to change my songwriting that much. I don't care if it sounds like another Dreams or not. I just try to make it more personal each time. But I want people to believe me when I sing. If they don't, then there's no reason for writing those really personal things down."

"Stevie's words can be pretty obscure... at best. Sometimes I didn't know what she was singing about, but in her mind those words made complete sense and I often used to wonder what on earth she was talking about. But then, you didn't care because the words just sounded so good."

"Believe me, when I stop singing I'm gonna have a yard sale like you're not gonna believe. We're talking chiffon, chiffon, and more chiffon."

"Standing next to Mick Fleetwood is ridiculous. Anybody standing next to Mick is ridiculous, so imagine a five-footer. You blend into his drums, which he loves because then he's the star. So I say, 'Wait a minute, Mick. I'm going to get tall. I get far on these boots.'"

"And I'm sure there were times when I'm flying around the stage in my gossamer chiffon where she had to think to herself, 'Wow, what's this? Fairy school?' And never once did she make me feel like that. Because she knew from the beginning that I was real sensitive and that I love her so much that anything she'd say to me would cut like a knife. So she was always very careful."
~Stevie On Christine

"She used to call me the Mad Songwriter. Chris sits up all night and writes, she's so inspired."

"Thank you for believing in the crystal vision. Crystal visions really do come true."
~Stevie after recieving her star on the Walk of Fame

"I am about as fragile as a bull."

"It's not like I just go onstage and sing every night. I scream and crash a tambourine on my leg and dance around a lot. It's almost an athletic trip for me cause I've never been very strong. In fact I'm like a snake all day, just grooving along slowly. Then for two hours onstage I have all that energy. Afterwards I'm a basket case. I've got to be practically carried away immediately."

"I think if people dress like to dress like a gypsy, and they get a little inspiration from me to do it, then it's great. It's definitely something everyone should try at least once in their lives. Dress like a gypsy!"

"Lindsey was angry...just mad at me. That wasn't a one time thing. Lindsey and I had another huge thing that happened onstage in New Zealand. We had some kind of a fight, and he came over, might have kicked me, did something to me, and we stopped the show. He went off, and we all ran at breakneck speed back to the dressing room to see who could kill him first. Christine got to him first, and then I got to him second... the bodyguards were trying to get in the middle of all of us."
~Stevie on a time when Lindsey overreacted on stage

"Just wrong things said at the wrong time. Like, 'Oh, gained a little weight around the chin.' You know, right before a photo session. Some people have incredible tact and an intuitive feel for your feelings. Others don't. Some people can wake me up in the morning...they know how. Others, if I had a BB gun, they'd be on the wall."
~Stevie on what upsets her

"It's fabulous, not because there's alot of expensive stuff in it but because of all the neat stuff I've collected since I was in high school. There's a lamp that my mom bought for me when I first joined Fleetwood Mac. It's a blue Tiffany lamp, dark blue, and its' called the blue lamp. I keep a fireplace burning, even when it's 99 degrees. I just turn the air-conditioning up. My mother goes crazy. She says, 'Do you know how much money you spend to keep this house cool and then you burn fires in every single room? You're so weird Stevie.' Fire creates ambience. I need that fire. So back off, Mom."
~Stevie on her Bedroom

"All these songs are about some heavy stuff. There isn't a song on there that isn't about something intense. To hear all the songs in a group, I didn't even realize that my life was that intense. When I proofread all the words for the songs, I went, 'Wow, even I'm amazed that you're still alive!'"
~Stevie on Enchanted and the songs on it

"I'm not dead yet... remember that!"
~Stevie to Jane magazine about her being a living legend.

"In February 1995, I had dinner with him, and I asked him if he would maybe help me write a song. He basically laughed and said, 'Stevie, that's what you do. You are a songwriter. You have given up having a husband and babies and everything else so you could write your songs. And now you're asking me to help you to write a song?'"
~Stevie on That Made Me Stonger and Tom Petty

"I am the kind of woman who would not be happy with another woman taking care of my child. If I walked in the house and my baby ran across the room to the nanny, that nanny would be so fired, so out of my house in five minutes."
~Stevie on the possibility of her ever having kids that stayed with a nanny.

"I don't look at those colors as green an orange, more like Salmon Pink and Jade Green, Hotel California colors. If your copy looks orange, complain to the record company!"
~Stevie on the colours on the TISL album cover

"And you know that people didnít want me to put those lyrics on, because it took up way too much room. And I said, 'Are you insane?! Iím not gonna put lyrics on this and show all these people all these songs that they havenít heard or that theyíre not familiar with and theyíre not gonna be able to lay on the floor and read the lyrics along. Iím not gonna do that!' Um, and my brother, Chris, was the art director, so we did, we could work on it at home, you know, we did. We did this all at home and then in the very last parts of it we went to Atlantic and they, you know, did all the big stuff that you have to do it, you know, you have the better stuff."
- Stevie From the Enchanted Interviews

"I'm going to be singing Dreams and Rhiannon when I'm 75 - and that's just fine with me. I just hope my chiffon doesn't get tangled in my rocking chair.
~ Stevie Nicks, August 2001

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