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Updates : 22 October - 26 December 2002

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26 December - I hope that everyone had a safe holiday, yes? And now that it's back to the old grind, I got up two new pages in the gypsy, one about Journals and one about Sulamith Wulfing.

21 December 2002 - Did some dinking with the side bar and the text colours. Also another little dealy for the random thoughts. Tomorrow I'm gonna try and get up something for Christmas, not sure what tho.

20 December - New banner in the links and the lyrics to Other Side Of The Mirror, Timespace, and Street Angel

19 December 2002 - Your hopelessly enchanted webgypsy has entirely too much time on her hands and redid the side bar (yes, I know, AGAIN!) but now it's all javaed up :-) (java, java, java, java).
In other news, have you ever wondered, what if Stevie did some weird stuff?? Find out and tell me!

18 December 2002 - Changed the Sidebar once AGAIN, to kinda make it look better on smaller res screens, this will probably be the last reincarnation of the sidebar for awhile (Twice changed today), Also, Rock A Little songs were added. Also, if you go here you can read the full demo of Beauty and the Beast.

7 December 2002 - Added Shoes to the Gypsy pages.

3 December - Official opening on arizonalily.org! And three more dates in the Timeline

27 November 2002 - Lots of Junk, uh, the sidebar is all new, added a picture for Long Distance Winner and also some banners to link me with and new photos of After the Glitter Fades Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

22 November - I added up Bella Donna's songs and also in Kind of Woman a section called "Math"

20 November - I added three pages of Screenshots (Sara, Sisters of the Moon, If Anyone Falls, and Hold Me) ooh, that's FOUR!

16 November - I added two penguins to the adoptables... and song pics to Gypsy, Go Your Own Way, Gold Dust Woman and Say You Love Me, also Little Lies and Mick's Bravo Profile screenshots and two penguins to the adoptables page. You can also choose a different Hopelessly Enchanted banner.

14 November - Finally, I got up the Gypsy page, more stuff is gonna be added all around.

9 November - New page in Rose Garden added and a new chapter to Research Assistant. And some interviews (Kind of Woman) and some new quotes on the main page.

8 November - New quotes added to the main page, you'll have to refresh to see 'em. Plus I slaved away and knocked off three albums on the One More Big Time page, now TITN, Mirage and Greatest Hits are all up.

6 November - All the Buckingham Nicks lyrics up now, I realised that if I'm going by date then that should have been the FIRST album up... oops...

2 November - Guestbook, new title image and also a nifty little deal that puts a random Stevie thought on the main page.

1 November - All of the lyrics to Rumours and Tusk are up now, and some more photos.

29 October - All of the lyrics on the album Fleetwood Mac are up, you go there and then there are links on the titles, once I get them ALL up then I'll do an index. Also Rose Garden was opened.

28 October - Lets see, I got all the albums up...

27 October - New Chapter to Research Assistant, New Labels added to Talk To Me :: Labels and then also the Chain was opened. Also, One More Big Time Rock And Roll Star was opened.

26 October - Site Map added, and Research Assistant is up in the Has Anyone...

25 October - More photos in the Reflection section, check back tonight probably for some poetry in Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? and maybe for someone to cut the ribbon and officially open The Chain

24 October 2002 - Official Opening of Talk To Me, more coming soon. Tons of screenshots added in "I Saw My Reflection"

23 October 2002 - New video screenshots added

22 October 2002 - Site goes live, with Gypsy screenshots.

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