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Updates :: January - February 2003

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27 Feb 2003 - C'mon people, this is supposed to be an *interactive* site. You know? You can like *do* stuff on it. The whole entirety of the Rose Garden is interactive. You've got cliques to join, opinions to give, tests to take, purses to fill, and you have guestbooks to sign and e-mail to send. Please pretty please do something? Tell me what you like, what you don't like, just let me know you're out there, please??

26 Feb 2003 - Break in hiatus, added a new interview, a new page of photos for the Angel part of the Tusk documentary, a quotes page to Kind of Woman, changed out the quotes on the front page, and changed the side bar a tiny bit.

24 Feb 2003 - On Hiatus until further notice (about a week?)

21 Feb 2003 - I added a what-if thought to the adopt a baby one, and I added some stuff to Stevie's purse.

20 Feb 2003 - I'm back, and I added an essay about country music and Stevie (it was for gym... don't ask). It's in Has Anyone Written

13 Feb 2003 - Uh, stuff happens and I'm going to the Bahamas for four days. Starting tomorrow, so I guess I'll update then, sometime. But I did add some wallpapers. :-)

6 Feb 2003 - Changed the site map so maybe it's easier to find junk.

5 Feb 2003 - I added another new wallpaper with the lyrics to "Thrown Down" on it. Yay me!

2 Feb 2003 - I added up two more men in the math section (Walter Egan and Paul Fishkin) and as promised, the photos from my HAEWAFY? fountain journey.

31 Jan 2003 - Ok, its official, I have been to the fountain for Joe's daughter, I shall add this up as soon as I get the pics back.

30 Jan 2003 - I finally added the Enchanted disc lyrics. Go Me! And... April 15th 2003 - This could be it! The release date of the new FM album!! Cross those fingers!

27 Jan 2003 - New wallpaper done, it's Bella Donna. :-) Enjoy! And two Rolling Stone Q&A's in the Kind of Woman :: Interviews

26 Jan 2002 - Umm, sorry not much new, BUT with any sort of luck I shall have photos of the fountain that inspired HAYEWAFY. (You know, Joe Walsh's song...) yeah. I don't think that anyone else out there online has them, and I'm planning on going tonight, in a jeep, but it's not snowing (coming after Friday). Then I added a Fill Stevie's Purse game! Also, a new story... That Made Me Stronger.

19 Jan 2003 - A added a new quiz and Wild Heart Credits

17 Jan 2003 - Wow, 17th already, but I changed the sidebar (it shrunk) and the top thingys.

13 Jan 2002 - New stuff. I added another option to the which song are you? quiz. I also added a special page called smiles which details Stevie's smile, because she honestly doesn't smile half as much as she ought to. There is alson a new art page, featuring some pictures drawn by my friend T.A.F.K.A. Jack.
As a final thing, I moved my personal pages to sweet girl so they don't clutter up this site. Good deal.

11 Jan 2003 - New story to Short Stories called Blue Denim. Also a whole new bunch of Wallpaper, and a quiz.

10 Jan 2003 - Added an awards page to Talk To Me, a clique for y'all to join in the Rose Garden, some new ways to know that you're hopelessly enchanted and I think that's it.

8 Jan 2003 - Added a new response to the What Ifs? Hollywood Squares page.

5 Jan 2003 - Added a bunch of stuff, pictures to Rumours, tambourines to the Gypsy, another wallpaper, more to the Hopelessly Enchanted page in the Rose Garden, and some other minor changes.

4 Jan 2003 - I added the credits to Other Side Of The Mirror, and in the words of Laura, "Good Golly" they're LOOONNNNGGGGG. I also added some Wallpaper, Tamborines

4 Jan 2003 - YAY! 2003, the year the MAC IS BACK!!!! Ok, well, in celebration, I added a new story, to Has Anyone Ever Written... yeah you get the point, it's called Rose Garden.

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