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Updates 8 March - 14 April 2003

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Past Stuff

14 April 2003 - TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! And on top of that, I'm hosted! So I have more space, and junk. AND NO ADS! I am so happy! There are more wallpapers, and some icons for your desktop to go with those wallpapers and some bookmarks for all you bookworms, and finally in the adoptables you can now adopt Ginny.

6 April 2003 - Yay, photos from the video Stand Back from the VH1 storytellers thingy, I love when she makes that face after she says something about her honeymoon, you have to download this and watch it, it's too funny. Plus she does a high kick. In other news, it's only 8 official says until the official release of Say You Will and I can't wait! We pretty much know that Goodbye Baby is going to be the Tower, and I am so happy! And Beautiful Child as a rumoured concert song??? OMG.

05 April 2003 - Well, new page to Gypsy, it's called fire and it's about burnable stuff that's Stevieish. Then I added up a whole story called Recovered Time. It's about Stevie and Lindsey and purely fictional. I also figured the sidebar and front page logo needed a freshen up.

1 April 2003 - Yay, Happy April Fool's day. I added more to the Hopelessly Enchanted section, and if you bop on over to Sweet Girl you can see the list of Fleetwood MP3's that I'm willing to share.

30 March 2003 - Well, I know, I kinda neglected the site over the spring break, sorry, sorry. I made three new wallpapers, two of which are especially for you Lindsey Stevie romantics, you KNOW who you are...! And the last one was made with inspiration from Nancy at buckinghamnicks.net.

18 March 2003 - SNOW DAY! Go snow! Ok, so anyway, I added up some album art for Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac Live, Street Angel, Bella Donna, Wild Heart, Trouble In Shangri-La, and Tusk. I also added some Wallpaper and two video screenshot pages - for Talk to Me and Edge of 17 from Storytellers. Phew, that's it.

17 March 2003 - Happy St. Patties Day! (How many other ways can we say that? Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy St. Paddy's Day, Happy Leprechan Day!, Happy Day of St. Patrick!, Happy Day of St. Pattie!, Happy Day of St. Paddy!... OK, yeah...) Moving on then, I added some stuff to the Hopelessly Enchanted section and also, the new song, "Smile At You" is on AOL, and Velvet Moon Designs

15 March 2003 - Worked really hard on a Stevie Hair guide. Also, at the suggestion of Lisa, I joined the Stevie Nicks Top 50 List. So VOTE for me.

11 March 2003 - Added a bunch of stuff today. First, more Smiles. More platforms. And more math in the form of Jimmy Iovine. And in anticipation of the new album, Say You Will, the album page is up along with Peackeeper lyrics.

11 March 2003 - Added some Smiles, and a picture of Stevie in her platform Reebocks.

10 March 2003 - Added a song index and a search box in One More Big Time and I also added some stuff to Hopelessly Enchanted

8 March - If you hadn't noticed, Fleetwood has a new song out! Yay! Peacekeeper has been released as a single! In addition to this breaking news, I added a new wallpaper for Say You Will and updated the purse, hopelessly enchanted and adopt sections of Rose Garden.

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