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Updates 15 April - 28 June 2003

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28 June 2003 - New Sisters Of The Moon on the MP3 of the week page. Enjoy!
I'm going to be gone for about a week, see you soon, and I got photoshop 7 so look forward to some yayness graphics like SIX wallpapers!

27 June 2003 - Sorry it's been so sloowww, but my photodeluxe 2.0 finally decided to die on me, so I have to wait till today later on when I get Photoshop 7.0 *crosses fingers*. Anyway, Andi suggested some stuff to add to Stevie's purse. Thanks Andi!

23 June 2003 - I added some more smiles and a photo of Joe, Stephanie and Emma Walsh from 1971 to the Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? page.

21 June 2003 - A page for La Belle et La Bete.

20 June 2003 - A new game, alternate titles. You'll see how to play.

19 June 2003 - New Sisters Of The Moon on the MP3 of the week page. Enjoy!

17 June 2003 - Whoo hoo, moved servers, again, hope you didn't miss me too much... anyway, the VH1 All Access screenshots are up!

13 June 2003 - Everyone stayed safe, on this Friday the 13th, right? Well, I know that it was good for me, we had a very musical day with "Needles and Pins", "Monday Morning" and "Tusk" on the radio today. Anyway, I would like to plug Boogey's West for all of you in Castle Rock, Colorado (or those of you who are close enough to drive there). The lovely store practically has a Stevie shrine! Yay! Plus the woman there is very nice and a big Stevie fan too, and when we were there on Thursday (right after having to get a shot at the Doctor's office no less) I got three Say You Will promo flats, one VBofFM flat and the Chain (the reason those are LINKED is so you can go see the new scans...). I also added a new essay called Closet Changes about how my life has changed since I knew who Stevie was.

8 June 2003 - Sorry for lack of updates, but I added the new MP3 of the week. It's Sisters of The Moon [Demo with Christine]. I don't know why it's called a demo with Christine, but that's what it was labelled when I got it. It sounds like the whole band is there, but she does do more harmony with Chris, so I guess that's why it is. Chris adds a nice layer of harmony and it's the third of the SOTM series that I will put up.
I'm going to be away for a while, I'm not sure how long, but I really will make an effort to thing up things to put on this thingy of a machine. Maybe I'll do some screen shots from something... or some more games... I wish y'all would email me and tell me what you like best so I can do that.
Of course, I'll also spend time getting excited about going to the Phoenix concert! YAY!

31 May 2003 - Outta school! Yay! In celebration, I redid the sidebar.

25 May 2003 - New MP3 of the week - it is Sisters Of The Moon from the Denver 1982 Show.

23 May 2003 - Updated the hopelessly enchanted page.

22 May 2003 - Added up, They Are The Songbirds - Women In Song, an essay, and updated the MP3 list.

20 May 2003 - Added up some new "what-ifs". Have fun, and thanks to James for contributing!

17 May 2003 - I thought it was time for a new thing, how about a mp3 of the week? The first week is the tour practice for Sara, its funny, Stevie's kinda angry, lol.

16 May 2003 - Oops, I lied, I did do a minor update, but it's cool enough to share. It's on the Sisters Of The Moon page, go look! It features my photography of the MOON! Go me!

Finals and the end of the year are busy, look for a splurge of new stuff near the end of May.

10 May 2003 - Well, long time, few updates, I added a Captions Page for your enjoyment, complements of Lizzy.

3 May 2003 - Well, I got two new wallpaper up and umm, my mp3s list and the Rumours DVD Screenshots up. Have fun :-)

30 April 2003 - Got up some new stuff, like the headers and stuff, and I'm thinking about redoing the side-bar, maybe, and also a new item to Stevie's Purse!

27 April 2003 - Worked my rear off to get the codes to the scrambles working. They are up and running now tho! Go me!

26 April 2003 - Added two wallpapers and updated the Wild Heart page.

24 April 2003 - Today I added a little dealy for a timeline, or as Laura calls it, "Stevie for Dummies".

23 April 2003 - Hmm, a new purse addition, two new wallpapers (I also divided the papers up). And that's pretty much it, I would think. :-) Don't forget they're on Jay Leno tonight. I also decided that Rupert Hine needed his own page.

21 April 2003 - YAY!!! I got Buckingham Nicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, no other updates.

16 April - Made a new wallpaper and fixed all the forms. Go me!

15 April 2003 - Today it was! I added all the lyrics and stuff up on the site. Say You Will. If you haven't already, get the Limited Edition one, it's super! It's got colour videos and stuff, and a poster, and the picture of Stevie's parents is just to gosh darn cute!

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