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Updates 04 January - 26 June 2004

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26 June 2004 - I decided to stop lying to myself, and changed the "MP3 of the Week" to the "MP3 of the moment" which more means, the MP3 of whenever I get around to changing it. At anyrate, that's updated now... go to it Here. I also put up a list of stuff that I have to trade...

11 June 2004 - New MP3 of the Week.

27 May 2004 - New MP3 of the Week. And Happy Belated Birthday to Stevie.

04 May 2004 - New MP3 of the Week. Updated the Listeners page and oh yeah, a new layout. And four new wallpapers.

04 May 2004 - New MP3 of the Week - this one is "Talk To Me" but live and different.

03 May 2004 - I did some stuff with the layout, added the little dove cursor that I think is cute. Uhm, updated some stuff around the site like the listeners...

23 April 2004 - New MP3 of the Week.

13 April 2004 - New MP3 of the Week. This one is an exclusive live cover of Rose Garden. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue digging up rare live performances by lesser known artists.

03 April 2004 - New MP3 of the Week.

22 March 2004 - I put up four new wallpapers. Also, a new MP3 of the Week. I'm sorry updates have been so few and far between. I'll try to be better.

06 March 2004 - I put up four new wallpapers. Also, a new MP3 of the Week.

02 March 2004 - I took down the bad wallpapers and put up some new ones in their place. I'm still working on this. Thank you to my committee for sitting down and choosing what stayed and what went. I am also proud to be the site of the week at the Stevie Nicks Underground.

28 February 2004 - I updated the Purse, I Listen, and what ifs. I added more to the MP3 list. For everyone's own knowledge, I started typing my notes on the Mabinogion, and am planning on putting up more icons and wallpapers later this weekend.

23 February 2004 - I do believe I've fixed the Grandfather's song from the mp3 page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

11 February 2004 - The site is going on hiatus for a week, because me and my family are going to Disneyworld. Therefore, the stuff you see now, including the new MP3s is what you get.

30 January 2004 - Made everything pretty again, and did some maintainence. That's pretty much it.

24 January 2004 - YAY! I finally got up the Julia page, with some intereting stuff on Battle of the Dragons. As promised.

18 January 2004 - New MP3 of the Week. Also some of the pages in the "fun section" were updated.

04 January 2004 - Happy New Year, Kristin and I made some great discoveries with the movie "Julia" and the song "Battle of the Dragons". We'll post them soon. Also, I have some insight to the Mabinogian (the Welsh Fairy Tales) which I need to write up. Hopefully all this will come soon.

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