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22 December 2004 - Happy Holidays to all of you! I updated several things around the site, including the purse page and wallpapers. Have fun!

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08 November 2004 - I swear, I didn't run out and leave y'all... I just got busy... college applications and all that... Anyway, there's a new MP3 of the Moment.

26 September 2004 - New MP3. Gold Dust Woman from Baton Rouge, with a cool little lyrical change... lousy lovers, take a chance I might be around...

18 September 2004 - I'm still here, promise... I've just been way too busy to properly do this... I'll keep trying...

09 September - Well, I'm trying... I updated Stevie's purse, the I Listen section and I added a new winamp skin as per a request. And wish me good luck getting all these application forms in for ASU... fun fun...

21 August 2004 - Wow, it's been a LONG time since I've had any spare time to update. Between friends and family visiting and working and school fixin to start back up again... anyway, there's a new MP3 of the Moment and some small updates elsewhere. If I traded with you this month, I got everything and am very happy with it, but my email program crashed and I lost the addresses to thank you. Very sorry.

28 July 2004 - Happy Birthday to me! New MP3 of the Moment.

22 July 2004 - Another new winamp skin. A new MP3, but I left up the Waylon Gold Dust Woman, because it had only been up for a day. I am gonna try my hardest to put up a few new wallpapers.

21 July 2004 - Some new winamp skins.

20 July 2004 - New MP3 of the Moment.

15 July 2004 - Wow, the Denver show was great... there is a review on my Sweet Girl site under "Music" and then "Concerts". I got one of Stevie's roses! In other news, I added some cool stuff about Julia, including more screenshots and a few sound clips of the more Stevie-related moments in the video. (Two "you're not listenings", the handsome solider clip and a discussion about finding the baby).

11 July 2004 - New MP3 of the Moment. And a new wallpaper. And as requested, I added my first two attempts at winamp skins.

10 July 2004 - Lookee what we have here... a guestbook for your signing pleasures. And don't forget about that survey I want you all to take.

09 July 2004 - Please, take the time to fill out this survey about what you'd like to see added to the site.

08 July 2004 - Yay! Mail is now UP! Denver-ites who are going to the show... let me know!

08 July 2004 - I now reside on a new server... so the mail is down for the moment. Sorry.

05 July 2004 - Hope everyone had a safe weekend. New MP3 of the moment [Beauty and the Beast from Rotterdam 1989] and I changed around the banners to link to this site with... Now they match the current layout... which I plan on keeping for awhile, because Stevie looks very pretty. If you don't mind, please correct the ones you may have up elsewhere. I also, FINALLY got around to putting up some info on the Mabinogion Tetralogy (where Rhiannon technically is from).

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