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Chapter Two

After catching up on sleep from the long journey, Stevie and Lindsey finally woke up around nine o’clock in the morning. They decided that they must have had the money on them from before they left and planned to take full advantage of it. Their first move was to order breakfast up to the room.

The room itself was more like a suite. “Maybe we were still together when we left after all.” Stevie remarked. They obviously had planned on sharing the room with each other’s old self. As her young self, she couldn’t fathom sharing a room with an ex, even if the room was big enough to be an apartment.

When the food arrived, Lindsey brought it in, setting the tray on the kitchenette table. “Do you want to eat in here, or in bed?” He asked her as he poured two glasses of orange juice.

“Breakfast in bed, kisses for me.” She sang a few lines of the old hit.

He smiled and brought the tray over to her. “What do you want then?”

Although Stevie knew exactly what she wanted, she pretended to try and choose. “Hmm,” she said, then grabbed his arm. “The only thing I want right now is you.” He pushed the food onto the nightstand and bent down to meet her lips. He had already made up his mind that the entire week was just about her and what she wanted. He had a feeling that ultimately it was his fault they broke up, for whatever reason they had. He was going to do everything in his power to not let it happen again. He wasn’t sure if they’d have to live from where they were or if they could go back to their 1997 selves. It didn’t matter, either way, he wasn’t losing Stevie again, or ever. His kiss deepened while he pushed the preoccupying thoughts out of his mind.

She pulled him onto the bed next to her, her fingers wrapped in his hair. His lips moved down her neck, his tongue dancing on her skin. She opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out. Stevie slipped her hand underneath his t-shirt tracing his back with her fingernails, bunching the fabric around his shoulders. Just as she was about to pull the shirt over his head, the phone rang. She paused.

“Stevie, don’t worry about it, let it ring.” Lindsey said as she reached for it.

“No, Lindsey. I think it may be important, after all, no one knows that we’re here.” She pointed out, answering it.

“Hello?” She inquired.

“Is this Stephanie Nicks?”

“Yes, this is her.”

“Good, is Lindsey there too?”


“Tell him to get on the line too.”

“Ok.” Stevie bit her lip nervously, motioning for Lindsey to pick up the extension. “He’s listening now,” she said quietly.

“Good, good.” The unidentified caller said. The voice was neither a man nor a woman, just there.

“Who is this?” Lindsey asked angrily.

“Calm down, Lindsey. Let me explain. I was sent by a higher power. Listen to me closely. You and Stevie have been given a special chance in life. The chance to recover lost time.”

Stevie looked at Lindsey, her eyes telling him not to interrupt the speaker who claimed to be from a higher power. She believed it, and was sure that it held the answers they needed.

The voice continued, “You both wished at the same time, the wish was granted. But now there are two paths. The first one is the easy route. You asked for things to be back like old times. You are now on the verge of becoming rock stars in a band called Fleetwood Mac. You may have heard of them.”

Lindsey glanced at Stevie with an ‘I told you so’ look on his face.

“You will spend the next three years together, but will fight constantly in the last year. From then, you will spend twenty years hating each other; basing your relationship on the amount of pain you can cause each other. You will relive all the trials put to your older selves. At the end of the tour you will embark on after this week comes again in the year 2021, Lindsey will marry someone else and your chance for a life together will be ruined forever. However, there is a second option.”

“Which is?” Stevie asked timidly.

“You can realize the true love you have for each other, the emotional love. You already know you have a physical love, you feel it all the time, but to make a relationship successful, that is not enough. You cannot change the past, you still went through seven years as a couple and twenty years as nothing to each other. In those twenty years, life was not easy. You both went through a number of bad relationships. Stevie, you fought two drug addictions and Lindsey, you battled depression and anxiety. But in those twenty years, you always had each other for one thing – sex. It was the basis of your relationship and you never bothered to go beyond that. If you choose the second path, you shall abstain for the full week you planned as a romantic getaway to France. Instead, you will have to learn how to get over the barriers that went up when you became stars. Once you do this, you shall be returned to your former 1997 selves and you can have a life together like you were meant to. You will be able to put your painful past behind you for good and you can then live in a world of love.

“Like I said, the choice is yours. Take the easy path or the hard one. You know the results of both. The question is, ‘What are you willing to work for?’”

The voice stopped talking but Stevie and Lindsey clutched their phones. Finally, when the dial tone sped up as a result of being off the hook, they took a big gulp, set the phones down and turned to face each other.
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