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Chapter Five

The alarm did go off the next morning, as planned at six in the morning. They took the first bus they could to Disneyland. Stevie had a full day planned for them.

The first place they visited was Frontier Land. They rode Big Thunder Mountain and Davy Crocket’s River Rapids. The line for the gold panning was much to long to bother waiting in however, so they pushed on to the train station.

The train took them from Frontier Land to Tomorrow Land, a fitting switch, past to future. Although Lindsey had mainly come along to a theme park to please Stevie, he soon was enjoying himself as much as she was, if not more. In the Hall of Technology, he was like a child with a new set of toys on Christmas morning, examining everything that he had missed in twenty-four years.

Stevie laughed to herself, shaking her head as she watched him test out the cassette recorder. “Stevie! Look, look how SMALL these are now! They’re SO much better than those dumb reel-to-reels. I can’t wait to record on them!”

The next invention that elicited such an ecstatic response was the CD player, complete with some discs and records to compare. Lindsey called Stevie over once more and handed her the headphones. “Listen,” he said, “This is what Snow White sounds like on an album.” After a few moments, he swapped her headphones, “And this is what she sounds like on a CD! Isn’t that better sounding? It’s clearer and more crystal like. Hey, you should like that, crystal like.” He winked at her. Once in his life it wouldn’t hurt him to use a crystal reference, right?

By 1:30, Stevie was ready to leave Tomorrow Land, and ready for some lunch. “Come on Lindsey, we’ve been here for hours already.”

“No, I’m not finished looking. Look at this thing, they call it a computer, gee, the only computers I remember took up a room, this one you can put on your lap.”

“That must be why they call it a LAPTOP.” Stevie sighed sarcastically. She knew she should have waited to take him here until she had seen the rest of the park. They way it looked there was no way she was going to get to ride the “Small World” boat or see Cinderella’s castle. She hadn’t even gotten to see Mickey Mouse yet.

“Ok, ok, five more minutes, then we can go.” Lindsey said, noting her displeasure. “Hey, why don’t we get one of those little disposable cameras, so we can take pictures of the rest the day? I saw that you can buy them at the snack stands.”

Stevie brightened her expression at this, they were finally going to get out of there, and then they could take pictures. She had seen those disposable cameras too, and that was the one invention she really did want to try out.

Five minutes later, as promised, they were on their way out of the building. They stopped at the vendor umbrella to get a camera and some hot dogs. At first the aspect of a hot dog disgusted Stevie, “What is in these things?” She asked the vendor wearily. When he assured her that they were “100% American Beef” she finally took one and began to pick at it. Lindsey was already on his second one, and a pile of potato chips. With the new camera, Stevie snapped a picture of him, right as he shoved the last three inches of his hot dog into his mouth.

“Hey!” He tried to yell, his mouth too full for the words to come out clearly. He swallowed quickly and pulled her to him. “It’s not fair if you get to take all the photos.”

“I won’t, I’ll leave half of them for you.” She said as she planted a kiss on his lips.

“You’d better leave all your kisses for me.” He murmured, pulling her closer.

“Hey! Look! There’s Mickey!” Stevie shouted, breaking away from his arms. She didn’t want to risk getting too close, they had made it this far, and they would make it the rest of the way.

Lindsey made a sound of frustration, “Only four more days. Four more.” He told himself before catching up with Stevie who was now waiting in line behind a group of children to meet the big black mouse in a suit.

When it was finally her turn, she was bubbling. Sure, she knew it was just a costume, but it was still too much fun to be face to face with a cartoon character. She couldn’t stop laughing; even the mouse was taller than her! It was supposed to be a little thing! Lindsey took a picture of them as Mickey was joined by Minnie and the two mice began a can-can style dance with Stevie in the middle. After a few minutes, Stevie was laughing so hard she had to sit down before they could progress on to Fantasy Land.

Where Stevie had to be patient with Lindsey in Tomorrow Land, it was Lindsey’s turn to be patient with Stevie. She insisted on riding the “Small World” ride three times, in order to see all the little children dressed up in ethnic clothes. She leaned into his arms during each of the rides. On the final loop she whispered in his ear, “I want to bring our kids here one day.” Neither of them remembered the time passed, that there were never any kids.

“We will,” he whispered back, kissing her neck, “We should go back to the hotel soon, baby.”

“Later,” she squeezed his leg, just above his knee, “I still want to see the castle and ride the Dumbo ride.”

Five hours later, they were on their way to the bus stop, Stevie humming the theme song to “A Small World”. Lindsey was just ready to finally be back. Traffic was dense so the bus ride that should have taken half an hour took a full hour and a half. As soon as they were in the room again he started kissing her hard. Caught up in the flirtatious nature of the afternoon, the warning they had received their first morning in Paris were forgotten.

Lindsey threw her gently down on the bed and started undoing the buttons on her jeans. She undid his shirt, drawing circles on his shoulder with her fingernails. They had almost, almost gone too far, when she suddenly remembered the bizarre phone call.

She suddenly began to wriggle away from him. “Lindsey, we can’t.” she gasped.

Suddenly, he remembered too. “Argh! This whole thing is so DUMB!” he screamed in irritation.

“Lindsey, I’m sorry, I just… I don’t want to… I don’t want to lose you.”

He didn’t pay attention to her, just got up and flung himself down on the couch, grabbing the remote.

Stevie whispered, “Goodnight, Angel, I love you, I’m sorry,” as she pulled the covers around her and tried to fall asleep.

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