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Chapter Six

While Stevie slept, Lindsey restlessly flipped channels. Nothing but news, late night talk shows and sitcoms, not to mention all the channels were in French. He contemplated throwing the channel changer, but instead tried the last channel available.

“She was crowned, ‘Queen of Rock and Roll’. Next up, VH1 goes behind the music with, Stevie Nicks!” The TV announced. Lindsey whipped his head around to see if Stevie was still up, but she had had a long day and was sound asleep.

Part of him begged to change the channel, not to watch this special on Stevie, apparently he wasn’t part of it, it wasn’t a special on Buckingham-Nicks. The other half of him, the curious part, said to leave it, to see some of what they missed.

“Then her fairy tale life was turned upside down. First by cocaine abuse and later by a debilitating dependency on tranquillisers.” Then another man said, “There were times, you know, when she, we had to just scrape her off the floor.”

Again he tried to change the channel, but then he heard, “Remembering Stevie and her distinctive voice, Lindsey invited her to join his band called Fritz.”

Lindsey remembered this, very well, he remembered meeting Stevie, and joining Fritz and the whole bit. Now he wanted to make sure they got it right in this show, whatever it was. Then Keith was shown, “They were meant to sing together,” he said.

“Yes,” Lindsey mouthed. “Meant to. For always.” Then he saw himself, “Whatever her music was, I mean, I was always this soul mate who knew exactly what to do with it.”

“Not just for her music, we, WE are soul mates.” He told his older self. He continued to watch in agony as the narrator told the story of Buckingham-Nicks.

“It can’t flop, they’ve got it all wrong.” He said, “It’s too good to flop.”

He felt like screaming at the TV when they started to talk about his and Stevie’s break-up, and how she had turned to cocaine, and later klonopin. He immediately wanted to punch the English bloke who said that he was in LOVE with Stevie; NO one else had that right.

Then Stevie’s older self said, “I realized that I was gonna have to stop doing drugs or they were gonna kill me and I wasn't gonna be alive to rock a little anymore.” That tore him apart, it suddenly dawned on him what he was about to send them through again, though all that misery and pain, and that.

He shook his head back and forth, cursing himself. He was going to be strong, he was not going to let anything happen to Stevie, if he couldn’t prevent it from happening the first time, he was going to make sure it never ever happened again.

Decidedly he clicked off the TV and marched over to the bed. Climbing in next to Stevie, he moulded his body against hers, holding her gently. Though deep in the land of slumber, Stevie turned her face towards him, totally relaxed in his arms. As he watched her he said a silent prayer to whoever it was that would listen up there, to make sure that they would not go through what he had just seen again. Over and over again he repeated it to himself, until just before the heaviness of his eyelids overtook him he whispered, “Goodnight, my Angel, I love you, forever and always.”

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