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Chapter Nine

Stevie went to work, brushing out her hair. She resolved not to be upset with Lindsey. So he didn’t have a good reason to be gone, but they were in Paris; he didn’t speak French and they were just two faces in the crowd as far as the rest the city was concerned. There really wasn’t much trouble he could get into. She decided the detective work could wait until later.

She heard the shower turn off and the bathroom door open. In the mirror she could see Lindsey walking toward her, a towel wrapped around his waist.

When he was standing right behind her, he ran a finger along her spine making Stevie shiver, “Baby, your dress is unzipped.”

“I know, I was waiting for you to help me.”

“Of course,” he said, tracing her back once more before pulling the zipper up.

“Thank you Angel.”

“So, are you going to tell me where we’re going tonight?” He appraised her dress.

“I dunno, are you going to tell me where you were?”

“No, it’s a surprise.”

“Well, then that’s your answer. Now, hurry and get dressed, we have to leave soon.”

He nodded and turned away to finish getting ready.

Stevie did her make-up and dug the tickets she had for the show from her travel envelope. She had made these plans back before they left apparently. Dinner was at seven but it was suggested that they be there at six-thirty, taking a half an hour off the original timetable. They had to leave in fifteen minutes.

Stevie didn’t tell him where they were going the whole time that they were walking.

“Hey, look Steves, there’s the Moulin Rouge!” He pointed at the famous building across the street.

“Indeed.” She smiled, before suddenly yanking on his arm, pulling him to towards the doors.

“Hey, where are you going?”


“Isn’t that just a touch impulsive?”

“No,” she produced their tickets once across the street. “We have tickets, to tonight’s show.”

“Where’d you get those?” He asked in surprise. The Moulin Rouge was extremely hard to get into.

“You’re not the only one allowed to have secrets.” She smiled mysteriously.

He knew that she was going to keep doing that until he finally spilled. He would tell her where he was, when the time was right. It wasn’t right yet.

They stood in line to get it, Stevie noticed that her peachy dress was most unlike the darker colours that many of the other women sported.

“Guess I didn’t dress right,” she noted aloud.

“What?” Lindsey asked, he wasn’t expecting her to just start talking.

“I said hat I look out of place in this dress, I didn’t dress right.”

“You dressed perfectly.” He put his arm around her shoulders, “I love the way you look in that dress.” Then he whispered, “Plus, those black dresses make those women look old.”

Stevie giggled, “I guess.”

“Don’t guess; it’s true. I’ll bet that half of them are there thinking, ‘Gee, I wish I could look half as good as that girl in the peach.’ Or however you say that in French.”

“I doubt it,” She said, moving up in the queue.

Soon they were eating dinner, before the show began. They enjoyed the fabulous show, with the glamorous stage outfits and music. They even had great seats, centre in the first level of private balconies.

Once the show was over, even though it was very early in the morning, Lindsey insisted on going back to the park bench they had sat on the first night.

Even though it was supposed to be Lindsey’s day, Stevie couldn’t see harm in letting him hold her as they cuddled together on top of the hill.

“So, I guess this is our last night,” said, breaking the silence of the night.

“Yeah, just a few more hours, then we’re home.”

“I’m scared Linds,”


“Well, what if something goes wrong and we don’t get back? What if we really are stuck going back through everything that that thing said we would go through?”

“Don’t think about it, everything will be fine.”

“How are you so sure?”

“I just am, it’s a feeling, everything is going to be all right.”

“OK,” she said quietly. She said she trusted him when this whole thing started, now wasn’t the time to go back on it. If he said it would be ok, it would be.

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